Conducting due diligence in today’s realities is mandatory for most business operations in different industries. This article will consider the role of data room software and how it can automate these procedures.

The peculiarities of the due diligence data room

Over the past 15-20 years, the importance of effective contractual work in organizations has been growing increasingly, regardless of ownership and type of activity. Due diligence is an important part of such activity. It is a procedure for creating an objective view of an investment object, which combines an assessment of investment risks, an independent assessment of the investment object, a comprehensive study of the company’s activities, and a complete check of its financial condition and market conditions. It is usually conducted before buying a business, executing a merger (joining) agreement, signing a contract, or cooperating with this company.

There are many different types of due diligence, which may differ from each other both by the object of the inspection (real estate, corporate rights, concluding a credit agreement) and by industry(financial, legal, commercial). The specified areas, in turn, can be divided into different subtypes, and complex inspections including all types and areas are also possible (complex due diligence is usually carried out within the scope of M&A deals).

Large arrays of confidential data and documents are processed during due diligence. It would not be an exaggeration to say that building a reliable system for coordinating documents and data management is a key task for the entire due diligence workflow. Therefore, many companies have already implemented digital solutions to automate routine operations. In this case, the due diligence virtual data room is a cloud-based platform that serves as a safe data repository and collaborative workspace for file-sharing during legal procedures. 

Digitalization of relationships with counterparties in the data room

Modern electronic data room systems not only automate the work of the office and control execution but also necessarily include collaboration mechanisms. All tasks and documents the employee receives for processing are stored in the system. For each document, a deadline for preparation or approval is set. With the help of reports, the manager can evaluate the performance of employees by various indicators: compliance with deadlines, success in execution, the number of postponements, etc. It is possible to draw reports on labor discipline and overdue tasks and keep track of working time. It will improve control over employees and increase their motivation.

What opportunities does the implementation of a data room provide?

Due diligence data room provides significant benefits:

  • Reduced time for the creation of the contract and its approval. Documents are generated automatically based on standard forms with adaptation to a specific counterparty. Approval by responsible employees is carried out electronically.
  • Simplifies the due diligence administration process. The application for the computer automatically keeps a register of agreements and keeps track of the validity period, the timing of deliveries, and payments.
  • The labor intensity of the work of employees is reduced. Data from agreements and annexes are automatically entered into registers and used for accounting purposes. There is no need to enter them manually repeatedly. Primary documents – invoices, acts of work performed, invoices – are also generated automatically in the business software.
  • The procedure for exchanging signed documents is simplified. Counterparties receive copies with electronic signatures with the same legal force as their paper counterparts.
  • Comprehensive business control reveals bottlenecks, which raises the company’s overall performance. The data rooms constantly monitor compliance with regulatory industry standards.

In addition, in the case of using online data room solutions, the provider is responsible for supporting their operation. A registered user pays for the service monthly and uses the application’s features without restrictions.